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Working People

May 1, 2021

Happy May Day, everyone! All power to the international working class! Celebrate this most glorious of holidays by refusing to work and listening to this special crossover episode on the history and spirit of May Day from our friends at the Srsly Wrong podcast, which our host Max participated in.



Spring is here – a time to feast, dance around the maypole, and organize the working class to achieve a more just society for everyone

This episode explores May Day, it’s history, and meaning with a panel of guests made up of friends of the show Liz, Amy, Max, and Franz. It also marks our seven year anniversary of doing Srsly Wrong!

Check out the work of our guests!
Amy/Liz – Rebel Steps Podcast
Franz – Doomer v Bloomer Podcast
Max – Working People Podcast

Further reading:
The Incomplete, True, Authentic, and Wonderful History of May Day (
Death in the Haymarket by James Green (

Further listening:
Working People – Mini-cast: May Day, Our Day (w/ Raechel Anne Jolie) (
Eight Hour Day- Pete Seeger – YouTube

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