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Working People

Feb 23, 2022

Late last year, Max had the honor of getting to speak to a class at Tulane University called "Introduction to Podcasting and Social Justice" taught by Dr. Billy Saas, cohost and producer of the podcast Money on the Left, as well as the cofounder and codirector of the Money on the Left Editorial Collective. The students in the class talked to Max about how and why he started Working People, how the show has grown over the years, and they also had a deep conversation about the political importance of podcasting as a medium. In the first half of this episode, you'll hear Max's conversation with the "Introduction to Podcasting and Social Justice" class, which was recorded and edited by the students. Then, in the second half of the episode, you'll hear Max's follow-up conversation with Dr. Saas and two students from the class, Sophia Badame and Sophie Harris, about how the class evolved over the semester, the final projects they worked on, and how the next generation of podcasters are working to explore and expand  the medium. 

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  • Jules Taylor, "Working People Theme Song"