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Working People

Sep 21, 2023

The United Auto Workers are striking against all of the Big Three automakers at once for the first time in the union’s history. The UAW is employing a novel “stand-up strike” strategy: rather than having over 140,000 auto workers hit the picket line at once, UAW members at three strategically targeted plants were called to strike first last Thursday, and union president Shawn Fain has announced that more plants will be called to strike by the end of this week. What are the key demands auto workers are striking over? What’s happening on the picket lines? How are active and retired members feeling about the union’s new, more militant strategy? And what role do we all have to play in ensuring they win the contract they deserve? On this worker solidarity livestream, hosted by The Real News Network, Max speaks with Martha Grevatt, a retired auto worker and UAW Local 869 member, and Auston Gore, an assembly line worker and UAW Local 12 member who is currently on strike at the Stellantis Toledo Assembly Complex. With permission from TRNN, we are sharing the audio of this livestream, recorded on Sept 20, 2023, on our podcast feed. 

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