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Working People

Jul 12, 2022

The "Labor On The Airwaves" panel attracted an overflow audience at this year's Labor Notes conference in Chicago. A show of hands revealed that about a third of those in attendance already had shows while another third was interested in finding out how to start their own shows, many of whom stopped by the Labor Radio-Podcast Network's booth after the panel. Working People's Maximillian Alvarez hosted a panel that included BeLabored hosts Sarah Jaffe and Michelle Chen, Heartland Labor Forum's Judy Ancel, and Jamie Partridge from Labor Radio on KBOO FM.  

For the Labor Radio-Podcast Weekly, the Labor Radio-Podcast Network's weekly digest show, featuring highlights from shows in our network, Chris Garlock recorded, edited, and published a shortened version of the "Labor on the Airwaves" panel from Labor Notes. With permission from Chris, we are excited to share the episode on the Working People feed for our listeners. 

NOTE: For those interested in joining the Labor Radio Podcast Network (or finding out more about us), please contact us here.

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