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Working People

Dec 12, 2018

2018: On the Monday after Thanksgiving, General Motors workers in the U.S. and Canada learned of the company's announcement that it would be idling five plants and cutting around 14,000 jobs. In this urgent, multi-episode series, we will be talking to workers at plants in Ohio, Michigan, and Canada. In Part IIII, we talk to Cory Weir and Rebecca Keetch, two workers at the award-winning GM plant in Oshawa, Ontario. We talk about the pivotal role Oshawa has played in Canadian labor history and about what workers there (and everywhere) need to do to fight back against this system of corporate-assured destruction.      


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Featured Music (all songs sourced from the Free Music Archive:

  • Lobo Loco, "Malte Junior - Hall"
  • Wasaru, "Blurred Foam"
  • Marwood Williams, "All Hail the Corporation"