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Working People

Aug 6, 2018

In this inaugural episode of Working People, we talk to Jesus Alvarez: a Mexican immigrant who became a US citizen in 1980; a shy kid who met his wife, Regina, while working at a Sizzler; a life-long Republican voter; a family man; a realtor who, like so many of us, lost just about everything during the Great Recession; a sports-lover with a quirky sense of humor; a devoted father; and an amazing human being who has lived such an interesting, beautiful life.

Featured Music (all songs sourced from the Free Music Archive)

- Lobo Loco, "Malte Junior - Hall"
- Lia Nadja, "Soy Como el Espacio"
- The Trumpeteers, "Little Wooden Church"
- Alvaro Peña, "La Boca Seca"