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Working People

Sep 8, 2019

We kick off Season 3 with news from Andy O'Brien (AFL-CIO) about a unionization push in the Maine logging industry and we talk with indie professional wrestler Angel Blue. We talk about how Angel first got into wrestling when she was still in high school, all the work and the physical and mental stress that goes into being a professional wrestler, and what it’s like when you walk through the curtain before a match... And we talk about how Angel has seen and been a part of the explosion of kick-ass women wrestlers in the past two decades. We also talk about the neck injury Angel suffered in the ring earlier this year and the incredibly tough road she has traveled since it happened, including struggling with doctors who treat her like shit because she needs a surgery she can’t afford (please consider donating to Angel's GoFundMe fundraiser to help her pay her medical bills). 


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Featured Music (all songs sourced from the Free Music Archive:

  • Lobo Loco, "Malte Junior - Hall"
  • Return to Normal, Celestial"